Professional Development

Individualized Support that Promotes Professional Growth

All UCSN teachers begin the year by developing a Professional Growth Plan, which highlights the areas each teacher would like to further develop. Through individual and small-group meetings held throughout the year, the Master Teacher provides teachers with personalized feedback gathered through classroom observations, lesson plan review, unit plan review, and assessment review.

Network Support for School Leaders

In order to ensure all UCSN staff members continue to build professional capacity; UCSN has designed unique opportunities for school leadership teams to reflect on and strengthen their practice. Master Teachers all meet bi-monthly to collaboratively learn about relevant topics. Academic Directors collaborate regularly with one another and central office staff to discuss important information. In addition, there is a Central Academic Team that provides ongoing support related to policy, school leadership, and the management of staff.


All UCSN employees hold themselves accountable for student achievement. To support this, UCSN has designed a unique framework that allows quantitative assessments (student achievement results) and qualitative assessments (evidence gathered by Master Teachers and Academic directors) to be taken into consideration in teacher performance evaluations. UCSN STRIVE – the culmination of the performance measurement tools that the Network and School Academic Teams have developed and implemented – provides a fair, clear, transparent, and comprehensive system to measure teacher performance and reward and recognize high performing teachers. Additionally, UCSN STRIVE links teacher performance measurement to performance support, allowing professional development to be tailored to each teacher’s unique growth needs.

Two evaluations for all roles take place each year – the mid-year evaluation is formative, and the end-of-the year evaluation is summative. All components of job performance are taken into consideration when doing evaluations.